The Four Bodies

The Four Bodies


Are all your bodies healthy?

Sculpting healthy bodies is more than eating healthy and hitting the gym a couple times a week. (although it’s a good place to start.) From a holistic view of health we talk about more than just our physical body. Our being consists of multiple bodies, and we dictate the outcome of our being by; how we feel, emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically or spiritually. Your overall health is also influenced by these 4 bodies that together make up your whole being. It’s all connected, and they all effect each other. Thus, if we can alter one of these bodies, we can effect the others.


For example: When you are actively giving your physical body what it deserves by practising , stretching, good bio-mechanics, traction, and rest; you will feel emotionally  balanced, connected, and be able to let go of emotional tension. This may lead you to feel mentally more focused, less stressed, and allow you to invest your thoughts with purpose. Through this clarity we can move into connecting to our energetic or spiritual body. This body is assisted with our source, or may be more closely tied to religion. This openness to source allows us space for self discovery and creating true purpose in our lives.

This is just an example of one way we can have such a profound a ripple effect thought all of the four bodies.

Have a play with other ways you can effect your whole being through any one of the 4 bodies. (Other practices we encourage you to have a play with, are listed below).


  • Move + rest the body (practice strength, lengthening, traction, balance and rest)
  • Prepare whole food meals, give your body the fuel it deserves
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Regular muscle release (ie. Receive regular massages)
  • Spend time in nature
  • Take full breaths of fresh air


  • Self-reflect (ie. Journal/ Journal workshops)
  • Forgive others + yourself
  • Form deep connections with people, with nature, with source
  • Practice gratitude for all that you already have, including your four bodies
  • Practice release techniques such as meditation, shamanic breathing, Ho’oponopono  which is featured in the Journaling Workbook

Mental Body

  • Set Goals featured in The Goal Setting + Manifesting Workbook 
  • Get someone to hold you accountable for your goals
  • Daily meditation to invest your thoughts in appropriate places
  • Continued education via books, podcasts, or classes
  • Stress reduction from anything that does not serve you

Spiritual/ Energetic

  • Practice meditation + mindfulness
  • Learn to balance energies with practices like: Yoga, Reiki, chi gong, or acupuncture
  • Study philosophy, mindfulness, consciousness and religion
  • Attend emersion practises like retreats to deepen your connection to Self
  • Pray


We would love to hear from you about your experiences with any of the four bodies below! Feel free to Like, Comment and Share if you think this blog could is useful.


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