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Have you ever found yourself saying “I wish I could travel more.” or “I wish I could have more time for my hobby.” or how about “I wish that I knew how to…”  The list goes on. Luckily for you I have the magic marker that can help you cross these wishes off your list.

Invest what you have towards what you want, instead of making impulsive choices on things that distract you from really pursuing your dreams. When I say invest- I am talking about more than just financially investing. I am talking about investing your thoughts, movments and conversations. Money is an external factor that can be used as a tool to help you get to where you want to be, but it can also be a barrier, limiting us from doing what we really want to.

Invest Your Thoughts

Take a moment to just listen to your thoughts. Notice where your thoughts start to go…thoughts

When you become a witness to your own thoughts you can start to become aware of the fact that we are a product of these thoughts. We can drastically change our circumstances by changing our thoughts. Of course like any amazing destination, it takes time to get there. And how do we decide precisely where we want to go?

We vote!

We vote with ever thought, each thought carries equal election power. Each idea eligible to run its own champaign. When you invest enough of your voting power in one direction the destination will become clear and present.


Invest Your Movements

Take a moment to notice where you are holding tension that you don’t necessarily need to be. Maybe in your jaw? or in your forehead? unless you are sinking your teeth into a delicious meal, let go of that tension in your jaw. Unless you are currently trying to count the number of wrinkles on your forehead, relax your forehead. Try to mIMG_1798ove with less tension and more intention. These are a couple of subtle ways we can increase our awareness of micro movement. Next time you find yourself in the junk food isle at the grocery store, deciding between Zesty, or Cool Ranch Doritos, take a moment to (as stated before) find yourself. Ask yourself how you even ended up in that isle? You chose to go down that isle. Weather it was conscious, or subconscious. Start trying to bring awareness to every moment. On a larger scale we can talk about macro movements. An example of a macro moment might be jumping on your bike to work. Or maybe jumping on a plane to Australia. Although those examples may fall on different sides of the ordinary scale, the are both conscious macro movements.

Where will you invest your movments today?


Invest Your Conversations

What were your the last 3 conversations about? Were they relevant to passions, values or personal mission? Do you surround yourself with people who are willing to have meaningful conversations? If not, its okay, I have great news for you. There is 7,655,957,368 other people in this world according to Siri. Some of them (including myself) are willing to connect and converse about what matters to you. And about where and why we belong in this world, about our purpose and our life mission.
Screen Shot 2561-11-11 at 11.43.17 AM
If you still can’t find someone on an intellectual level out of the 7,655,957,368 other people on earth, try podcasting. Podcasting is on the rise and I believe that it is due to the lack of meaningful conversations that we are having now a days. With social media and the lack of intimate communication, I think people are craving these deeper conversations. The amazing thing about podcasting is, it’s FREE + there is something for everyone.
A couple of my favourites are listed below:

  • Aubrey Marcus Podcast
  • Tim Ferris Show
  • Yoga Teacher Resource
  • School of Greatness, lewis Howes
  • Daily Boost
  • Kripalu Perspectives


Sometimes it can be hard to tell if we are having meaningful conversations, and of course everyones definition of meaningful will differ. I myself usually try to steer the conversation towards 1 of 3 things.

Sensations- What feels good, what hurts, comforts and discomforts

Purpose- Reasoning, journeys, and our values

Activity- Moving engagement, talking in a flow state or about a place with less sense of self

Where will your next 3 conversations be invested?




With these 3 investments you should be able to begin to design your described dream life.

You now have the magic marker to cross off anything you wish. You have become the creator of choice. Through direct and aware investments you can become less reactive and more responsive.

Where will your investments take you?



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What if I told you I could help you achieve everything you just wrote down? If you have a desire to achieve your goals, and create a life of magnificence, thats great!

I’ve come to the conclusion that anything that is done do perfection has had helping hand along the way. I would like to help you with my lifestyle design expertise & use of our Classes & Workshops. As well as free online podcasting tools listed below.

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  1. James says:

    Dude. I am truly amazed at what you are putting out. I hope to be able to follow your adventure as you experiece/influence your life. I am proud of what you are embarking on and remain ine of your biggest fans of your ongoing journey


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