The Four Bodies

The Four Bodies   Are all your bodies healthy? Sculpting healthy bodies is more than eating healthy and hitting the gym a couple times a week. (although it’s a good place to start.) From a holistic view of health we talk about more than just our physical body. Our being consists of multiple bodies, and…

Journaling workshop

“Journaling for me has been the most powerful tool to leverage my awareness of self, and to sharpen my sword in my internal battle for growth.” -Braedon MacDonald     What it includes: This incredibly emotional journey will take you to the depth of your existence. Allowing you to open up to your self. Cultivating…

Goal Setting Workshop

Whether you have a goal or not this workshop/ self directed workbook will help you discover the incredible power of manifesting. If you follow this step-by-step process, the Goal Setting Workbook will help you to achieve any goal or manifestation imaginable.  


yoga retreat set In Queenstown New Zealand

Hospitality Yoga

Yoga classes for yourself and your employees to decrease stress and increase productivity. From working In the hospitality sector for years, I know how strenuous and stressful it can be when we do not have practices in place to balance work/life. We need balance in our lives to be able to work to our highest…

Lifestyle Design

Life coaching and mentoring to achieve all your big or small goals